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  • 1.  SDM Auto refresh

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Mar 15, 2016 12:22 AM

    Hi Team,

    In SDM 14.1

    1. Searched for incidents and got the list.

    2. From incident list: among list of incidents, for 1 incident -> right click and performed update status and saved. Got an update: saves successful activity log created.

    3. But in front end incident list page, status is not changed until a refresh(of page) is done.

    Now is it possible to make changes such that with out doing refresh of page(manually) changes made should be updated.




  • 2.  Re: SDM Auto refresh

    Posted Mar 15, 2016 04:37 AM


    I think that using this function all the time can cause performance issue, so I recommend to add kind of option to refresh parent list or not.

    Solution will work only if you're displaying actitives in Pop-ups.

    • Add option to request_status_change.htmpl form (remove checked attribute to make it defaultly unchekecked)
    detailRowHdr("Refresh list", 1);
    detailSetRowData("<input type='checkbox' id='REFRESH_PARENT_LIST' checked>");
    • Add refresh function to request_status_change.htmpl form
    function refreshParentList() {
      if (document.getElementById('REFRESH_PARENT_LIST').checked) {
    • Add refresh function to body's unload actions

    <body onload="load_from_scratchpad('0')" onunload="unload_check();refreshParentList();" class="editform">