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    Posted 08-24-2019 02:17 PM
    Hey All,

    I am thinking about how to set up test automation in automic.  Right now I test as I develop, changing parameters, changing logic, sometimes using static vara to simulate the environment etc.  Has anyone else given thought to setting up test automation.  I feel like it could be done but not sure if it can be api discoverable.

    What I envision is a script object with prompts on it, fed from SQLI looking into OH table.  It would be multilevel prompts.  I would run this script, it would prompt me for the object I want to test, it would then lookup parent usage, then give me an option of start in process or run stand alone.  In process would start the parent workflow, run stop modify, publish all the parent object variables and prompts (this is my test data) then run through.  I figure I would want to also have this test initiator script modify the parent to set breakpoints or not but definitely a useable feature.

    It would be great to do this from another test tool, but I cannot see anyway that I can rest activate the test initator and get the options back ahead of time.  Maybe 2 scripts, one sends me a return of the object, its parent, and its parameters then I make my choices in other app and re-initiate the test-initiate script with the options.

    In my mind there are so many what-ifs in automic that I either have to have an amazing test environment outside of Automic or I have to fake automic out by changing the actual object definitions (ie I cannot get the environment to return x as false so swap the logic in Automic then swap it back ...)

    Scott Hughes
    Senior Automation Engineer
    Albuquerque, NM