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Mass update objects with Automic utilities

  • 1.  Mass update objects with Automic utilities

    Posted Dec 22, 2016 03:06 AM
    About mass update data in Archive keys and Pre-Process : is there any safe way to mass update the information in those attributes ?

    We offer tools that allow you to to these changes. This should be done in several steps:

    Let's see this in more detail.

    1. Place the objects in the Transport Case

    From the Explorer Window just drag and drop objects to the 3rnrp0zfdoct.png.

    2. Unload the transport container

    • Graphical mode

    Choose to not export all transport containers of all clients :
    The list of all clients will then be prompted. Choose the one which you want to unload the transport case from.

    Use a command like : UCYBDBUN -Btransport [-D][-Cmmmm] [-XFile name]
    If for instance you want to unload the transport case to file"C:\temp\output.txt" from client 22 and clear it (the transport case) after unloading it will look like this :

    ucybdbun -Btransport -D -C0022 -XC:\temp\output.txt


    3. Modify the export with DB Change

    • Search for theattributesyou want to modify. Each type object has its own set.

    Let's say you want to find "Archive key 1" and "Pre-process" for jobs :

    > Attribute for Archive key 1 is 'ARCHIVE_KEY1'
    > Attribute for Pre-process is 'PSCRIPT' :

    • Create ascriptfile - update.txtin our example - that will define the change rules and save it toc:\temp. The syntax of script is as follows :REPLACE Object Type, Name, Attribute, Old Value, New Value orREPLACE_PART Object Type, Name, Attribute, Part of the old Value, New Value

    In our example we will change :
    > the Archive key 1 from "old_key" to "new_key" in all job objects

    REPLACE JOBS, *, *, 'ARCHIVE_KEY1', "old_key", "new_key"

    > the contents of pre-process tab from ":INC MY_OLD_JOBI" to ":INC MY_NEW_JOBI"



    • Run DB Changeto apply changes contained in the script (update.txt) to the output file (output.txt) and generate a new file out of it (upd_output.txt).

    Syntax : UCYBCHNG[.EXE] [-B] [-IPath and name of the INI file] -1Script File -2Transport file [-3Output file][-LE]

    ucybchng -B -1c:\temp\update.txt -2c:\temp\export.txt -3c:\temp\upd_output.txt


    4. Load the newly generated file (upd_output.txt) to the target client/environment with DB Load.


    • Graphical mode

    Start  2d5ulslq7wzn.png and select the updated file then 'Open'.
    Then OK
    Choose to keep the same client as the one of the export file, or not.
    If you select 'No' you can then choose the target client:

    Syntax : UCYBDBLD [-V[Path and file name]] [-IFile name] [-FFolder handling] [-LLanguage] -B -Cmmmm [-EMode] [-UName/Department] [-GName] [-AAccess] [-MAccess] -XFile name

    ucybdbld -B -C0123 -Xc:\temp\upd_output.txt


    Best  regards,