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CA BOXI metadata translation

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  • 1.  CA BOXI metadata translation

    Posted 07-18-2016 08:56 AM

    Hello everyone,


    I am trying to change the metadata language in BOXI to the original language (the language we have in the database) but when I go to tools -> translation administration, I choose to take the checkbox in the other languages that are ready to use and then procede to export to the XLIFF archieve and then import to the universe (export from spanish to the original) but the metadata keeps appearing in spaninsh language (rather than the originial which is english) on the infoview.


    Can you tell me how to do the translation of the metadata to the original language?


    Thank you in advance!


    Best regards.

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    Posted 08-12-2016 02:42 PM

    This might be possible by using the SAP Translation Management Tool ( ), but this has not been tested or certified by CA, and so you may experience unexpected behavior.  Try this in a test environment (with a snapshot) before making any changes in production.  Any issues with the tool would require additional assistance from SAP as well.





  • 3.  Re: CA BOXI metadata translation

    Posted 08-15-2016 07:38 PM

    Hi JFMelhorado - Did Marty.Malecki's response help answer your question? If so please mark as Correct Answer. Thanks!

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    Posted 12-20-2016 04:20 AM