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How to install APM Infrastructure (MOM & Collectors) via silent install?

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  • 1.  How to install APM Infrastructure (MOM & Collectors) via silent install?

    Posted 03-19-2018 01:36 PM

    I didn't quite get it, I don't want to install a BrowserAgent, I want to install the APM Infrastructure with the MOM(s) and the Collectors, how do I proceed with the silent install in 10.5?

    Isn't just to extract the files from the tar file, then to alter the SampleResponseFile regarding the specific component I want to install  like this :


    # Introscope features to install. Must be a comma-delimited list.
    # Example: Enterprise Manager,WebView
    # The APM database stores Business Services and Application Dependency Map information.
    # This database is deployed on a PostgreSQL database.
    # If you want to install APM database only, use,
    # silentInstallChosenFeatures=Database
    # To install database along with EM add "Database" to the property below
    # Ensure that you also specify databaseDir, dbAdminUser and dbAdminPassword properties
    # below if you want to install APM database.
    silentInstallChosenFeatures=Enterprise Manager,Database


    And then just run the bin with the -f option like this:


    ' ./IntroscopeAgent10.5.2.52unix.bin -f SampleResponseFile.Agent.txt '





  • 2.  Re: How to install APM Infrastructure (MOM & Collectors) via silent install?
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 03-19-2018 05:31 PM

    Hi Tiago (Tiago Mendes)

    I branched your original question from How to install APM Agent via silent install (problem with brtm-eulaFile)? to this new thread.

    OK now I understand. Your problem is that you are mistakenly using the Agent installer instead of the Enterprise Manager (EM) installer.

    You need to download the 10.5.2 EM installer as follows:

    Under support.ca.com selected 'DOWNLOAD MANAGEMENT"

    Enter product name "CA Application Performance Management Enterprise Manager (APM/Wily/Introscope)" and 24 Product Downloads will be found

    Click on the number 24 to see the list of products.

    Go to page 2 and for link "CA Application Performance Management MULTI-PLATFORM" enter Release 10.5 and Service Pack 2

    Then click on  "CA Application Performance Management MULTI-PLATFORM"  and you will see the "ENTERPRISE MANAGER INSTALLER" downloads for multiple platforms.


    You can then follow the silent install steps here:

    Install APM in Silent Mode - CA Application Performance Management - 10.5 - CA Technologies Documentation 


    NOTE: Above is EM version 10.5.2 ( The EM 10.5 2SP2 ( is just a patch upgrade and not a full blown EM installer.


    Hope that helps.