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  • 1.  Login error in operator console

    Posted Apr 17, 2020 10:38 AM
    Hello everyone,
    We installed UIM 20.1 for a POC. But when you try to log in to Operations Console, the user administrator is not recognized and displays the message "Invalid credentials". We modified the ACL but the error persists.
    Does anyone know why this happens?
    We install the UIM in Centos 7.7 with database MySql 5.7.
    I upload the operator console log, the chrome console log and screemshot of the error.


    operatorconsole.log   7.37 MB 1 version
    POC.log   5 KB 1 version

  • 2.  RE: Login error in operator console
    Best Answer

    Posted Apr 20, 2020 02:39 AM

    This is a bug in the operator console portlet.  The issues is that it uses a .js component from an external website (why they did this I don't know), which has existed for several version, now however the browser sees this as malicious behaviour and blocks it (see the failed to load cloud.ca.com event) unless the page specifically allows it with a cross-site instruction, which the operator portlet interface does not do.

    The work-around is described in a techop which lowers your browser security stance so that this behaviour is allowed.  If you open a case to complain and register this security violation, support will point you at the right techop, sorry I cannot remember/find the link at the moment.

    Regards, Andrew

    Knows a little about UIM/DXim, AE, Automic

  • 3.  RE: Login error in operator console

    Posted Apr 20, 2020 06:46 AM
    Thank you very much for your help. We open a case.