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  • 1.  Cost Plan: Investment Team vs. Task Assignment

    Posted Feb 17, 2016 01:28 PM

    I am in the process of creating new cost plans for several projects however I am receiving the following error when utilizing the "Populate by Investment Team" action.


    ErrorREVMGR-20728:Rates and Costs are both missing for one or more roles/resources


    When I complete the same process, but select the "Populate by Task Assignment" I do not receive this error and a cost plan is created.  What exactly is the difference between populating by Investment Team vs Task Assignment?  Are there any pro's or con;s for either avenue?  Why would I receive an error by one process and not the other.  Thanks

  • 2.  Re: Cost Plan: Investment Team vs. Task Assignment

    Posted Feb 17, 2016 01:54 PM
    • Populate from task assignments - uses the assigned ETC's as entered on the tasks
    • Populate from allocations - uses the allocations as entered in staff/or team views

    Allocations and assignments don't have to match. Briefly put, assignments are the use of a given allocation


    Why you have a problem

    • You've got an allocation without a corresponding entry in the rate matrix.
    • It's likely that it works via task assignments because the date range is smaller or there isn't a assignment for the resource missing a rate.


    How to solve

    • Check the rates for the resources in the team
    • This depends on your organisations matrix setup
    • You must have rates for the entire length of the project, i.e. always start a new rate from 1990 to avoid this

  • 3.  Re: Cost Plan: Investment Team vs. Task Assignment

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Feb 17, 2016 04:11 PM

    As Andrew mentioned, check the configuration of the matrix associated with the Project, or if the Project does not have an associated matrix, check the Matrix associated with the Entity or defined at the System level.

    If you have Team Members with attribute characteristics that have data not matching any rows in the matrix, you will get the error message.


    Here are some KB articles that may offer additional insight on some reasons you get the error message


    TEC1883849 : Project Financial Location OBS Unit must be selected for the Cost Plan Population action to fill in Location OBS Unit data when using the Location as a Grouping attribute

    TEC607488 : Matrix configuration 'Resource' column allows Resource Roles to be selected which causes incorrect calculations and errors on a Cost Plan