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SAP Deployment

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  • 1.  SAP Deployment

    Posted 11-25-2019 08:42 AM
    Hi Team,

    Currently, the customer is during the "TP Import" command line to perform SAP Transport Deployments via CDA.

    Is there any alternative method/process to perform SAP deployment (within CDA/AE SAP integration capability)?

    Any inputs would be appreciated.



  • 2.  RE: SAP Deployment

    Posted 12-10-2019 09:24 AM
    Hi Jagan,

    I have not been able to figure out an alternative method so far.
    Could you ask the customer to ask SAP support about a recommended approach that does not use the tp import command line and then let us know what interface and command would provide that functionality?
    Then we can work on adding that to our integration.


  • 3.  RE: SAP Deployment

    Posted 12-10-2019 11:08 PM
    Hi Varban,

    Have requested that info, at the moment they are going ahead with TP import with permissions to respective folders.

    I have been searching for some information about this, potentially there is a way to perform Transport import via RFC/Java - but I can't seem to find more details.

    Will get back- incase.

  • 4.  RE: SAP Deployment
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    Posted 12-11-2019 04:42 AM
    Hi Jagan,

    I looked a bit into RFC and as far as I understand, that's a system-to-system transfer mechanism which would mean that I need to connect the two systems directly in order to import a transfer request. This could potentially be a compliance problem if you have a QA system directly connecting/accessing a PROD system and vice-versa.
    On the other hand, the tp CLI takes a file (transport profile) that could contain transport requests from multiple systems but does not require direct connection to those systems.
    So I think we also need to be careful about how a potential solution works.

  • 5.  RE: SAP Deployment

    Posted 12-11-2019 04:55 AM

    Yes, it not a viable solution unless there is a mechanism to import via the Programming interface.

    We are not proposing any further, Thanks for your help.

    Jagan Sivanesan