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Passing Variables as Arguments in Job

  • 1.  Passing Variables as Arguments in Job

    Posted 08-13-2019 01:24 PM

    I have a requirement where I have to pass variables as arguments. These variables are credentials and I am trying to find out a way this information is not visible when the operator clicks on Job Details. I tried with Symbolic Variables in Java Script, however when the Jobs run, the variables gets evaluated and the credentials show up. I was checking to see if there is any way, this can be accomplished. Thanks in advance.

    Run a script /opt/
    Arguments to pass dotstosftptest $usr $pswd

    I am expecting to pass $usr and $pswd as variables when the job executes.


  • 2.  RE: Passing Variables as Arguments in Job

    Posted 30 days ago
    Hey Arnab,

    How about writing the cred hard coded inside the script (so the operator just need to run the script with no variables) ?

    Or maybe sending just the user name from the Autosys, and having dictionary inside of the script for the password.

    You could also give the user execute permission , but no read permissions on the file (didnt try, not sure if will work)