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Tech Tip: HarSpy - Search Across Multiple Projects

  • 1.  Tech Tip: HarSpy - Search Across Multiple Projects

    Posted Jan 29, 2018 09:24 AM
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    The HarSpy windows untility allows the user to connect to a Harvest Broker with userId and password which will then populate the My Projects list box with all the projects that the userId has access. The user is not limited to individual Project searching as found in the Find Version in the Workbench GUI. The user can then enter search criteria on the right side of the GUI and then click the search button. The search results will then display in the My Projects Files list box:

    HarSpy 1.04

    You can r-click on any file item to open it for viewing. Changing column persistence and GUI persistence is saved when the Exit button is clicked. Multiple file masks may be entered for searching such as "*.cpp,  *.h,  *.doc*" (elements are separated by a comma). Note: Compound and extensive search criteria will adversely affect search performance.


    ADDENDUM:  02/01/2018 - Modified HarSpy to ignore any hco “file is writable” error as that should not be a problem

    if the file is already local regardless of whether it is writable or only readable – that does not adversely affect the

    phrase scanning of HarSpy.


    Also, the install of HarSpy was giving the bogus error because RmvDir executable was not found in system32 directory.

    It was realized that some clients may not have privileges to install any files to system32 directory.

    Since any subsequent install is now set to always overwrite any previous install then RmvDir is no longer required.


    ADDENDUM: 02/16/2018 - V1.07 Changed the N R D M controls from radio buttons to check boxes. Modified the

    installation program to check if the Microsoft vcredistx86 redistributables are already in place, if they are then the

    dialog box for repair will no longer display.


    ADDENDUM: 02/27/2018 - V1.09 Cleanup properly when unable to connect or view my projects in a Broker. Other

    minor corrections. Corrected Search process failing to return any results using the filename with wildcard or a partial

    filename wildcard or a combination of filenames with wildcarding (ex: *advantage*.*, *.tx*).