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What do these WARN messages signify?

  • 1.  What do these WARN messages signify?

    Posted 01-09-2020 03:10 AM

    I am seeing these WARN messages in the log files (CA-RA 6.6.9640 on RHEL)

    on NAC in nolio_dm_all.log

    "A soft-locked cache entry was expired by the underlying Ehcache. If this happens regularly you should consider increasing the cache timeouts and/or capacity limits"

    "Trying to update job progress smaller than current progress. currentJobProgress [57.142857142857146]newJobProgress [56.70995670995671]"

    "new event posted for job[id=7652134] but no event bus for that job exists. Event.toString()=JobStateChangedEvent[jobId=7652134, newJobState=[major=InQueue, minor=None], newJobServerStates[[jobServerId=10483927, newJobServerState=INIT],[jobServerId=10483926, newJobServerState=INIT],[jobServerId=10483925, newJobServerState=INIT]]]]"

    What does it signify? Why do i see these WARN messages? What action is needed? What information are these messages giving out?

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    Amit Joshi

    Senior DevOps Engineer
    Tieto Finland Oy