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How to run Test Cases and Test Suites from LISA INVOKE 2.0.?

  • 1.  How to run Test Cases and Test Suites from LISA INVOKE 2.0.?

    Posted Mar 05, 2015 07:03 AM

    Hi All,


    I am new to LISA INVOKE 2.0. and there is requirement to run test cases and test suites from external tool.


    I searched in the LISA manual, and could see LISA invoke can help in running the same [by configuring test case and test suites in REST calls].


    To achieve this, followed the below steps:

    • Moved my project to the registry box.
    • Tried below 2 URL's (as mentioned in manual) and got the response (not sure ) but didn't see my test case running means making any changes in the database:




    Getting below Response:


       <method name="RunTest">


             <param name="stagingDocPath" value="/u01/appl/lisa/Test/SOHO_TO_DERBY/Tests/StagingDocs/Run1User1Cycle.stg"/>

             <param name="coordName" value="CIO_PROD_Coordinator"/>

             <param name="configPath" value=""/>

             <param name="testCasePath" value="/u01/appl/lisa/Test/SOHO_TO_DERBY/Tests/Sprint-2/Cancellation_LastProduct_HZ_S2_NL_V1.0.tst"/>

             <param name="callbackKey" value="C54E749C32311E4B694005056BE2150"/>








          <pass count="0"/>

          <fail count="1"/>

          <warning count="0"/>

          <error count="0"/>







    So, my question is how to configure this in LISA Invoke dashboard [contains REST API calls].

    Let me know in case more information.