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  • 1.  dynamic promptset

    Posted Jul 08, 2014 07:09 PM

    Does anyone know of a way to dynamically disable a drop down in a promptset based on a choice the user made in another drop down? Or change the values of a drop down? 

    If not, this may be a good feature request.

  • 2.  dynamic promptset

    Posted Jul 09, 2014 10:39 AM

    On a the Dropdown type for a PromptSet, the 'Dynamic' checkbox should give you the functionality.

    For example:

    The list of Guides a user can choose from is different based on the product and type they choose.

    i9hik868t6pv.png" width="1391">

    TheData Reference is pointing to a SQL variable that takes the values from the previous selections and returns a list

    4c2i2902lzg9.png" width="1600">

    So it looks like:

    fxj0l20ywn77.jpg" width="1600">

  • 3.  dynamic promptset

    Posted Sep 30, 2014 06:42 PM
    Jennifer, Can you provide more details on this? Where are the values for the Guide field stored? Are they in a static variable of it's own?

    Also I'm not sure I understand your query? Why are you looking at &$CLIENT#?

  • 4.  dynamic promptset

    Posted Mar 10, 2017 06:14 PM

    Hello Samah,

    QUERY_DOCU.GUIDES is a variable VARA.SQLI object and the "select query" to the database is written there.

    This variable "QUERY_DOCU.GUIDES" is being used in the Data Reference of the promptset for the Guide Drop-Down line item and that field has also been marked dynamic.

    So whenever the promptset is activated, it calls the QUERY_DOCU.GUIDES for fetching the query result each time dynamically.