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Workload Automation AE Override not clearing

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  • 1.  Workload Automation AE Override not clearing

    Posted 11-14-2019 11:00 AM
    Hi everyone, I am running into an issue and was trying to determine if any of you have run into something similar.  We performed an override a job to hold a variable over the weekend. It worked fine, but then the override ran again on Mon-Tue.  I went to delete the override and as expected it could not find it
    CAUAJM_I_50259 Cancelling override for Job: IOASP17XXOD_Master_Hold_gvl_b
    CAUAJM_I_10298 Over-Rides are not in effect for Job: IOASP17XXOD_Master_Hold_gvl_b
    CAUAJM_E_50206 Could not turn off Over-Ride for Job: IOASP17XXOD_Master_Hold_gvl_b

    So the thinking is that we are good.  However, the job ran again on Wednesday causing the variable to lock.  Any ideas as to why this could be happening?

  • 2.  RE: Workload Automation AE Override not clearing
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    Posted 11-19-2019 03:47 PM
    Hi Miguel,

    Can yo provide some more detail on how this is setup?  I would also ask if you have autotrack enabled to see if the override was automated?