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Connections in an AE environment

  • 1.  Connections in an AE environment

    Posted Jun 28, 2017 10:34 AM

    I started putting together a summary of connections in an AE environment. The idea is to better understand how components interact and which firewall ports should be opened. Arrows show in which direction ports should be opened, if need be. This picture is just for a "regular" environment - no DMZ and no connection to the Analytics DB.

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    The table below contains more details about each connection :

    # Source Target Connection Type Default port/range Comments
    0AE serverAE serverTCP2217+ and 2270+Server processes need to be able to communicate with each other. Ports should be opened between all CPs and WPs.
    1AgentAE server (CP)TCP2217+Connection between the agent to the AE server.
    2AgentAgentTCP2300Agent-to-agent connection used for file transfers.
    3User InterfaceAE server (CP)TCP2217+Java client connection.
    4AE serverSMTP serverTCP25Allows the AE server to send e-mails (SEND_MAIL and CALL   objects).
    5Call APIAE server (CP)TCP2217+Trigger tasks within the AE from a third-party solution.
    6Tomcat serverAE server (CP)TCP2217+AWI server connection to the AE server.
    6 bWeb BrowserTomcat serverTCP8080End-user connection to the AWI.
    7AE serverService ManagerTCP8871Opening ports is optional and   should be done if you wish to start agents directly from the System Overview.
    7 bService Manager DialogService ManagerTCP8871Allows a remote connection to the Service Manager.
    8AE serverAE databaseODBC / JDBC
    CPs and WPs are using ODBC   connection.
        JWPs require a JDBC connection.
    8 bUtilitiesAE databaseODBC
    DB Reorg, DB Load, DB Archive,   DB Unload, Client Copy and DB reporting tool connect directly to the AE DB.

    This documentation page contains a schema that includes information about proxy / DMZ and connection to the Analytics DB (v12 only) :

    Best regards,