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  • 1.  Extended calender

    Posted Nov 01, 2018 02:18 AM

    Hi Experts,


    I wanted to create one Autosys job and this job needs to be triggered on first day of every month and I tried using autocal_asc but seems like I have issues with my access.



    CAUAJM_W_10439: No policies granting access to resource.


    Correct me if I am doing anything wrong while create the calendar.

    1. From Unix, autocal_asc
    2. 1, For Administrator calender.
    3. I entered the dates for one complete year.
    4. I get error after step3, No policies granting access to resource.


     Please let me know  if there are any other ways to schedule the job to run only once in a month. 

  • 2.  Re: Extended calender

    Posted Nov 01, 2018 08:04 AM

    Please talk to your autosys team. you are obviously not entitled, or you do not know what the naming convention is etc.

    "CAUAJM_W_10439: No policies granting access to resource"

  • 3.  Re: Extended calender

    Posted Nov 01, 2018 08:28 AM

    Sure Steve. Do we have any other similar approach for scheduling the job to run once in every month without using the extended or standard calendar ? If yes, please let me know .

  • 4.  Re: Extended calender

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Nov 02, 2018 07:38 AM

    From the questions you have asked it appears you either do not have required access to AutoSys through the security (EEM) policies. As Steve C stated you need to contact you AutoSys Admin/support team to determine what you are allowed to do.  This varies from site to site,  usually policies are in place for a reason.  Anytime you see an error "No policies granting access to resource" you are attempting to access a resource you are not entitled to.


  • 5.  Re: Extended calender

    Posted Nov 03, 2018 08:43 PM

    Sure Karen I got it , thanks. Is there any other way of creating monthly job without using the extended calendar ?


    I was able to setup few of the daily jobs using JIL scripts and I was wondering if there might be some other approach with out using extended calendar and hence this question. Thanks gain Steve and  Karen for responding back to my questions. 

  • 6.  Re: Extended calender

    Posted Nov 05, 2018 08:03 AM

    just my 3 cents BUT DO NOT work around the issue at hand. SPEAK to the the AutoSys team and get their help. We are all admins/users of the product. But seeing as you are not in charge of the suite of tools you need to speak to that team at your firm and get the best practices and naming conventions from them.
    I know if you were in my firm and did this you would get a ping from me behind the curtain. 

    Good luck and i hope the team at your firm can help you get it done properly. 


    Steve C.