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  • 1.  multiple schedules one APP

    Posted Apr 23, 2019 02:04 PM



    i need to know if its possible to create an application with several jobs with different schedules, and how.



    APP NAME: "Billing"

    Job A | schedule "every 2m"

    Job B | schedule "every 5m"

    Job C | schedule "every 1 hour"


    how do i setup:

    1. event schedule

    2. Application Run frequency

    3. Job Run frequency


    thank you,


  • 2.  Re: multiple schedules one APP

    Posted Apr 23, 2019 03:25 PM

    Hi Daniel, 


    The event schedule and the application schedule would be the same. 


    Everyone has their own way of doing things so I am sure someone will disagree. 

    As a standard practice I think it is best to schedule the event every day and have all the schedule criteria at the job level.  In my opinion it can be difficult when the events have schedule days and the jobs have schedule days. Someone making a schedule change needs to look at both places and combine them to understand when a job will run. If it is not analyzed correctly someone will make incorrect decisions. This is complicated by events that build at 6am for example and jobs run after midnight. It is further complicated by externals to other applications that build at different times/days. 


    So for consistency, I think it is best to have all the scheduling criteria at the job level. I look at the job and I understand everything I need to know about that job. Including way more than just the when it runs. 


    This is just my opinion.  Readers please give your own opinion..... 

  • 3.  Re: multiple schedules one APP

    Posted Apr 29, 2019 07:15 AM

    HI powdo03,

    Thank you for your answer, 


    but when i try to schedule my event "daily" and my jobs with a cycle schedule criteria, it doesn't work.

    it seems that some free format statements only work in event schedule level, for example "every 5 minutes"


    for now, i have separated my cycle jobs for different applications, defining my schedule at event level.

    (APP_A_2M; APP_B_5M) and its working, would be great to find a way to group up all this jobs in one APP.



  • 4.  Re: multiple schedules one APP

    Posted Apr 29, 2019 08:11 AM


    You can use a statement like the one below.  This will build the event every day at 6am. 

    06.00 DAILY    OR  6AM DAILY


    Let me know if you have any questions.