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Moving to 64bit windows

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  • 1.  Moving to 64bit windows

    Posted 12-07-2018 05:37 AM

    We are currently running CA Workload Automation DE on Windows Server 2008 standard edition 32bit with SQL Server . We want to move to DE on Windows server 2016 with SQL Server 2014 (highest version supported on 11.3.3). The plan is that the servers will also be running at a 3rd party hosting company which is also the location a reasonable number of our systems run but there will still be agents at our own site. We can't move to Version 12 yet as we have some agents on AIX 5.3 systems that can't be upgrade to the appropriate level for 12 but at least moving to 64bit, Windows 2016 and Server 2014 will get us in a much better place for future upgrades. 


    I'm a little bit unsure as to what the process should be for the migration and whether running it offsite is a good idea or not. Any information anyone can help with would be much appreciated. 

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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 12-07-2018 08:05 AM

    Hi ,

    The first step is to migrate the DSERIES server to win2016 using the same database, installed in the same SQL server, by executing the folliwing steps:

    1 - take note of DSERIES version/build (to verify what patches are applied) on 32 dSeries environment
    2 - Install DSERIES 64-bit (pointing to a temporary new DB)
    3 - Start 64bit dSeries server (i.e. after installing server, dSeriesServer need to be started at least ones)
    4 - Stop 64bit dSeries server
    5 - apply the 64-bit DSERIES patch on newly installed dSeries server (to make new DSERIES server to be in the same build number as old dseries server)
    6 - Start 64bit dSeries server, ensure that the dSeries Sever is at the patched build level
    7 - Stop 64bit dSeries server
    8 - replace file with the file backed up in step 3.
    9 - Update 64bit dSeriesServer "\<CA WA Directory>\conf\" file with "espresso.guid" value from their 32bit dSeriesServer installation
    Note: If there are any "extra/additional properties/configurations" mentioned in 32bit "" file which are not present in 64bit dSeriesServer, do add them.
    10 - run validatedbconnection.bat command to ensure the 64bit dSeriesServer can connect on the old/existing Oracle DB
    11 - stop 32bit DSERIES server
    12 - Take old/existing DB backup (this is to have a safe point in case if we need to revert/fall back)
    13 - (this step is required only when 64bit dSeriesServer is installed on different workstation than their old/32bit dSeriesServer workstation)
    Update database: To update "ESP_CONFIG_PROPERTY" table to use "64bit dSeriesServer workstation name"
    14- start 64bit DSERIES server.
    15 - verify agents, workload-processing etc on 64bit dSeriesServer to ensure it is processing workload similar to 32bit dSeriesServer.
    16 - If the transition is satisfactory you can plan to shutdown/uninstall DSERIES 32-bit


    Once the above is completed, the second step is to migrate the DB to the new SQL server 2014. To accomplish this, you can follow the procedures described in the following article:



    Of course, I would suggest you to execute the above instructions in a test environment first.

    And the most important, if you have any doubts, we highly recommend you to open a support ticket. This is a very critical operation.

  • 3.  Re: Moving to 64bit windows

    Posted 12-07-2018 10:22 AM

    Thanks Leandro, that's very helpful. I've got a suspicion we have some customisations I'll need to watch out for as well (I didn't install it and the 2 people who did no longer work here. The last one to go didn't get time to give a handover)