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    Posted Dec 13, 2018 08:24 AM

    Hi Team,


    I would like to know / confirm if R11.3.6 0000 is R11.3.6 INCR1 or both are different versions.

    I need to have the confirmation on following for version - R11.3.6 INCR1, so please revert:

    1. What is the support life cycle for this version? I mean is it still supportable by CA & if yes till when it will be supported.
    2. What kind of changes are there in this version when compared with latest version of R11.3.6 SP7. Is there any comparison document / slide available?
    3. In terms of DATABASE/SCHEMA, if we want to use R11.3.6 SP6 or SP7, then is there any major change in version R11.3.6 INCR1? from where can I get the schema level change information.
    4. I have agents of version R11.0, 4.5 which will not be upgraded soon or later, so if I use Autosys R11.3.6 SP7, these version agents are not supported with R11.3.6 SP7  correct?