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  • 1.  Command Browser - Timeout

    Posted Jun 12, 2018 01:02 PM

    I'm wondering if someone can help clear this up for me. Whenever you change the value for the Timeout (in seconds) for a job when you open the command browser, it does not save the value and always reset to 20 seconds. I'm assuming you are supposed to be able to change this value and have it save it otherwise maybe it should be greyed out. However, I just wanted to confirm since I couldn't find anything about it in a manual


    I am using 11.3.3 but have verified the same thing is present in 12.0.2

  • 2.  Re: Command Browser - Timeout

    Posted Jun 14, 2018 05:43 AM

    When you say command browser, do you mean the Web client?

    Can you please check if this helps?

    Is it possible to configure the default idle (inac - CA Knowledge 

  • 3.  Re: Command Browser - Timeout

    Posted Jun 14, 2018 08:01 AM

    Hi Chandru. I'm not referring to the web client at all but instead referring to the regular client when you create for example a Unix job type and click on the white arrow next to the Script/command name field. When the next box opens there is a Timeout in seconds towards the bottom that defaults to 20. Any information on what this is used for would be appreciated. A user of ours was trying to change it but everytime he did and opened it back up it was back to 20

  • 4.  Re: Command Browser - Timeout

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 25, 2018 03:34 AM



    The timeout value cannot be changed from the default value permanently. You can change and save it in that dialog only.


    Hope  it helps!

    Ravi Kiran

  • 5.  Re: Command Browser - Timeout

    Posted Jun 25, 2018 07:32 AM

    Thanks Kiran but that is the problem i am running into or so it seems. I change the setting for the one run only for just that single dialog box but then when I open it right back up again the value is back to 20

  • 6.  Re: Command Browser - Timeout

    Posted Jun 25, 2018 09:17 AM

    I believe i've misunderstood how this works. I am clear on it now, thank you for the information Kiran