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  • 1.  Are you aware that CA Workload Automation Agents documentation has moved from the bookshelf?

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 14, 2015 03:53 PM

    It has evolved from a static bookshelf to a collaborative, dynamic documentation wiki on our #DocOps platform at


    Through the DocOps collaborative wiki environment, you can:

    • Find answers quickly with intuitive search -- The search string you enter will search the entire site content for CA Workload Automation Agents documentation, returning all instances of your search string

    • Provide feedback by rating or commenting on any wiki page and get a response quickly – When you comment on a page, the DocOps team is notified by e-mail.

    • Export the content to PDF to give you greater flexibility


    This new platform allows CA Technologies to continuously evolve documentation to meet your needs. Our DocOps team members monitor the site for comments and suggestions and respond directly. Our goal is to resolve your queries and comments as soon as possible, modifying the documentation as necessary to improve it for all users. Have you used it yet? What do you think? What would you like to see? We welcome and look forward to your input. 

    You can find many of the CA Workload Automation products on the new DocOps platform by starting here: Locate your product from the list or simply start typing the name for faster results.

  • 2.  Re: Are you aware that CA Workload Automation Agents documentation has moved from the bookshelf?

    Posted Apr 15, 2015 08:16 AM

    I have to rant about this just a wee bit. I feel it is a sloppy approach. Documents should be vetted and approved and published. The fact much is missing from the documents is a long standing issue. I appreciate the idea that you want to inform the users of additions is great but there should be a way to down load the proper doc so that he can be given to the user community within a client site without sending them to CA wiki or having them get a login. The last thing you want is to have regular autosys users access to information they don't need and start "playing" behind your back. I had this situation arise and its dreadful finding out the hard way that a user got their hands on an admin guide and starting playing with the agentparmfile. The fact you cannot get a real book anymore kills me, but its the changing times I guess :-( gee my computer is broken how can i figure out how to fix the connection to the OS. Go to the library. yes a M$ tech support told me that the first time windows crashed on me and i didn't have a real book to research with ..

    I see the same thing happening with wikis.. oh wait user your smart phone. is that going to be the battle cry?

    As i said , i think it's useful but it shouldnt replaced a published book available in pdf form to download.


    Just my 3 cents


    Steve C.

  • 3.  Re: Are you aware that CA Workload Automation Agents documentation has moved from the bookshelf?

    Posted Apr 16, 2015 01:29 PM

    Hi Steve !

    You may remember me from a few years back when I managed the Workload Automation support team.  This helps me to understand where you are coming from. 


    We feel like this change in delivery platform is important in keeping up with the latest technologies.  We hope that our customers will see the benefits as well.


    Coming from support, I can tell you that my most favorite part of this is our customers’ ability to comment on a page. Our writing team is watching the pages and can respond to comments, investigate, and update content.  This means printed manuals where processes that may have had an incorrect step no longer live on for years.  We can make the change and have the corrected procedure available in a very short period of time.  This is a win-win.


    You can create a PDF if you like from the site through export functionality. Keep in mind this will be static so if a few months go by and you need it again, you might want to create a new one so you have the latest updates to the docs.


    Hang in there and let us know if you have other specific feedback.  We would love to hear from more customers on your experiences with our documentation.