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Workload Automation Autosys Edition Office Hours Transcript - 10/13/14

  • 1.  Workload Automation Autosys Edition Office Hours Transcript - 10/13/14

    Posted Oct 14, 2014 10:40 AM
    Lenn Thompson :Good morning, afternoon or evening. If you have any quesitons for our team of AE experts, please just ask them here in the chat box.



    Marco :Good evening everyone, I have several questions in relation to the high availability configuration



    Lenn Thompson :@Marco: Go ahead. We're here to help!



    Marco :my first question is, when installing my primary and secondary server options should I choose?



    Lee Peterson (CA) :Hi Marco



    Lee Peterson (CA) :Are you intending to use dual DB?



    kl-CA :Kelvin Levels



    Marco :Hi



    Michael Woods CA :  @Marco - Hi



    Marco :actually one of my questions is in relation to how to configure high availability with a single database



    Marco :this is possible?



    Lee Peterson (CA) :@Marco - Yes, sir



    Lee Peterson (CA) :It sure is.



    Lee Peterson (CA) :When you install, the setup is pretty intuitive.  It will ask which server you are installing (primary or shadow)



    Lee Peterson (CA) :The rest of the installation will look much like what you are familiar with.



    Lee Peterson (CA) :On the shadow install, naturally you will already have the database installed (with the primary installation), so choose to not create/refresh, and privde the credentials as you did for your primary installation



    Lee Peterson (CA) :@Marco - do you know which version you intend to install?  I can provide a reference location in the doc.  It gives a pretty good idea of what is required.



    Marco :Once the installation completed, I should modify the configuration file?



    Marco :sure, I'll install the version 11.3.6



    Lee Peterson (CA) :That is another option - you can install 2 primaries, and then modify them later



    Marco :server on a solaris 10 with oracle 10



    Lee Peterson (CA) :Oracle 11?



    Marco :Oracle 10



    Michael Woods CA :@Marco - from the release notes. SGA Memory Leaks in Oracle 10g Release 1

    If you choose Oracle 10g Release 1 as the database for installing CA Workload Automation AE Release 11.3.6, you must apply Oracle 10g Release 1, Patch Set 5 ( or higher to avoid SGA memory leaks while running CA Workload Automation AE Release 11.3.6 for extended periods.



    Dan Shannon (CA) :@Marco Oracle 10 is no longer supported by Oracle. It is recommended you consider going to at least Oracle 11g



    Marco :ok, I understand and take into account



    Marco :the customer plans to migrate to Oracle 11g shortly



    Lee Peterson (CA) :@Marco -  Thank you for confirming.  In the WAAE Unix Implementation Guide  (aka WA_AE_Impl_UNIX_ENU.pdf)  - page 72 of this guide explains how to install the schadow scheduler.  The shadow server will become aware of the primary as it will see the primary server's status in the database.



    Lee Peterson (CA) :@Marco - have we spoken before?



    Lee Peterson (CA) :I had worked with someone named Marco recently, I may know your environment.



    Marco :Also I had questions about Workload DE



    Nitin Pande (CA) :@Marco Hi I can help with DE



    Lee Peterson (CA) :@Marco - we have someone who can answer your questions



    Marco :I have known and worked with Autosys Version 4.5.1



    Marco :But now I'm getting to know the version 11.3.6 and that is why my interest to know how you configure high availability



    Lee Peterson (CA) :@Marco -  Normally this is a WAAE line, but today we have a DE representative.  Are you still interested in answers about DE?



    Lee Peterson (CA) :@Marco - 4.5.1 is a much different animal vs 11.3.6



    Marco :Sure, thank you very much



    Michael Woods CA :@Marco, The HA hasn't changed much too much in terms of the configuration.  The main change is using the Database instead of the dibs file.



    Lee Peterson (CA) :@Marco -  Also in 11.3.6 there is a failback mode - pretty slick



    Marco :about Workload Automation of my main question is, if there is web interface?



    Marco :ok, thanks, I understand



    Nitin Pande (CA) :@Marco Are you referring to DE?



    Marco :yes



    Nitin Pande (CA) :@Marco We have a normal Thick Client.  There is a very simple Web UI, but it has very limited functionality.



    Marco :sorry for asking so much, but I have doubts and I know well the two products



    Marco :@Nitin thanks



    Nitin Pande (CA) :@Marco The thick client, aka Desktop Client is very intuitive and is pretty much the only interface you will ever need to work with DE.



    Lee Peterson (CA) :@Marco - no worries, this forum is to ask questions



    Nitin Pande (CA) :@Marco  Thank you and welcome



    Marco :thank you all, and I did a lab and I worked with the desktop client but had that doubt the web interface, type the wcc



    Nitin Pande (CA) :@Marco The DE Web UI allows you to monitor the workload. 



    Marco :ok, thanks



    Marco :My last question is related to DE There are advantages and disadvantages compared to AE



    Dan Shannon (CA) :@Marco It's hard to compare the two. They are definitely different



    Marco :and returning to the issue of high availability in AE, there is some document that takes me step by step through the configuration, ie step 1, step 2, etc



    Dan Shannon (CA) :@Marco DE for example supports application containers and allows multiple iterations of jobs running at the same time



    Marco :@Dan works something like Control-M?



    Dan Shannon (CA) :@Marco AE is more event driven and will generally provide more throughput



    Lee Peterson (CA) :@Marco - In the WAAE Unix Implementation Guide  ( WA_AE_Impl_UNIX_ENU.pdf)  - page 72 there is a pretty good outline of the process.  Its really not too bad at all.



    Lee Peterson (CA) :I think you'll find it to be pretty simple.



    Dan Shannon (CA) :@Marco - the architecture is quite different from Control-M



    Marco :@Dan I understand, thanks



    Marco :@Lee, thanks



    Lee Peterson (CA) :@Marco - welcome!



    Marco :one more question is how to set up an informatics job, and how set up an job profile?



    Michael Woods CA :@Marco - You are referring to the recent Informatica agent?



    Marco :yes



    Michael Woods CA :@Marco - OK, so are you referring a job profile, like you would have in a command job or the properties file that contains the connect info to Informatica?



    Marco :yes



    Michael Woods CA :@Marco - Which one?



    Marco :the properties file that contains the connect info to Informatica



    Michael Woods CA :@Marco - This is documented in CA Workload Automation Agent for Informatica - Implementation Guide



    Marco :ok, thanks



    Marco :I remember now, I can do two more questions?

    as the IXP is used for migration from 4.5.1 to 11.3.6?

    and how useful is the Assistant upgrade



    Michael Woods CA :@Marco - If you are going to use it with ZE, then you will be using the CLI until it is added as a job type.  There is a specific guide on that.  It has been added as a job type to the most recent DE serivce pack.



    Dan Shannon (CA) :@Marco the Upgrade Assistant was derrived from iXp. It's much more polished than the what was initially available via iXp



    Marco :@Michael, thanks



    Lee Peterson (CA) :@Marco - it is quite useful.  Especially in larger environments.   The upgrade assistant will allow you to logically migrate jobs, and ID dependencies.  I think you would find it rather complete.



    Dan Shannon (CA) :@Marco if you're looking for a tool to migrate from AE 4.5.1 to 11.3.6 and don't want to do everything at once, you definitely want to look at the Upgrade Assistant



    Lee Peterson (CA) :@Marco - and the price is right



    Marco :jeje thanks



    Marco :basically what I want is to have the dependencies of each box or job, as it plans to migrate in phases



    Dan Shannon (CA) :@Marco that's the scenario the AUA is designed to handle



    Marco :@Dan, right, thanks



    Lenn Thompson :@Marco -- do you have anymore questions? If not, we're going to wrap up!



    Marco :think it out of time, tomorrow I will make a laboratory and will put into practice all they have taught me



    Marco :I hope everything goes well with my high availability, my part is all



    Marco :thank you very much for all your time and attention



    Lenn Thompson :@Marco: Thank you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them in the community!



    Lee Peterson (CA) :@Marco - thank you!  I'm sure you will do well.