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  • 1.  CA Workload Automation Autosys Edition Office Hours Transcript (Jun 11)

    Posted Jun 11, 2015 11:16 AM
    Pavel :hello, what's the target date for waae 11.3.6 SP2?



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Pavel Good morning. The AE team isn't here yet -- we'll get started in about 6 minutes.



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Pavel It sounds like the target release date is June 29 right now.



    Chris  T :Hello, hello !



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Bibin -- good morning. Do you have any questions for our team?



    Mark Hanson (CA) :Good Morning/Evening everyone!



    Bibin :Hello -- Good Morning



    Jim Spath :Greetings earthlings.



    Bibin :Any dates for Informatica agents for Solaris



    Bibin :for R11



    Chris  T :an ETA for the centralized Agent Management interface ?



    Bibin :for CA WAAE



    Jim Spath :Other than Lenn T, who  CA is online?



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim We have Amy, Mark, Mark, Nitin



    Jim Spath :@lenn thanks - you are the only one with CA on your handle.



    Jim Spath :We have had threads on the CA community site about the proliferation of ideas...



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim Yes. I forgot to remind the team to do that!



    Jim Spath :Q1 - how do we manage duplicate ideas, so as to not dilute the topic?



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim We have added a "Duplicate" status for ideas to help this. When the WA product team sees duplicates, they will mark things that way.



    Jim Spath :Q2 - how do we get attention on ideas that were posted for a long time?  I don't sense a common reporting feedback scheme.



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim When you say "attention" do you mean  community members or  the CA team?



    Jim Spath :@lenn - can you show an example, link to a duplicate idea online?



    Nitin Pandey (CA) :@chris T - CAM will be released on 30th June



    Jim Spath :@lenn - both.



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim I haven't seen the "duplicate" used yet (I only learned about it  our idea guru yesterday).



    Mark Warren (CA) :@Bibin, we will not introduce agents to r11 since it will be EOS 1q 2017. All enhancements will be placed in 11.3.6 and forward



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim For CA attention, the product team -- many of whom are on this chat -- are reviewing ideas consistently. For community attention, if it's something that needs to be re-surfaced, it might be worth creating a discussion and pointing to the idea.



    Jim Spath :I have ideas posted for over a year now that still say "New".  I created a document to track those I posted so I don't forget them.  But I have no idea who has read them other than a couple "yes" votes tallied.



    Bibin :whether R11 EOS refers to R11.3.5 as well ?



    Mark Warren (CA) :@Bibin, No 11.3.5 and 11.3.6 are fine  and we have not announced any EOS dates at this time.



    Bibin :@Mark, thx



    Jim Spath :this post shows 5 duplicates -



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim Thanks for letting us know. I know the team is in the process of trying to check back through all of the older ones right now. Sit tight. They'll get to it asap.



    Jim Spath :Melanie said you added a "stage". What does than mean?



    Mark Warren (CA) :@Bibin, We will make every effort to include any new agent with 11.3.5



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim Yes. I saw the thread. They are working through them.



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim For ideation "New" is a stage. So is "Under Review". We simply added "Duplicate" as a stage to help us organize dupes.



    Jim Spath :How is the "loop" closed on ideas?  I have one or two that seem to have made it into bug fixes but still show as "new".



    Mark Hanson (CA) :@Jim Moving forward, new Ideas should remain in "New" status for customer review and voting no longer than 3 months. I believe we will be publishing more details on the full process soon.



    Jim Spath :Example - - Dan Shannon posted that this will be addressed, and is likely in 11.3.6. SP1 (have not tested).  But the idea shows as "new".



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim There are also stages "Under Review" "Not Planned" and "Delivered" So once something is implemented, we'll update the stage.



    Jim Spath :Whom do I inform that Ideas are not being addressed in the mannner specified?



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim That's my role. I'll talk to the team today.



    Mark Hanson (CA) :@Jim Valid points. We are still catching up, but expect the process to be well defined and executed moving forward.



    Jim Spath :All right, thanks.  Now I am going to speak for Steve C, as I don't see him online here.  Is it fair to have actual bugs be treated the same way as nice-to-have product enhancements?  There is a sense that developers can avoid fixing problems by steering us to the Idea process.



    Mark Warren (CA) :@Jim, We have spoken with Steve C. around this and the process is very simple. If the customer believes his request is a bug not an enhancement, then they should request the issue to be escalated.



    Jim Spath :@MarkW - is this escalation process also documented in the Idea boilerplate?



    Mark Warren (CA) :@Jim, No this is documented in the support guidelines.



    Jim Spath :(browser crashed so can't check the Idea template - but I think it should say these are not for bug fixes and point to the support guidelines)



    Lenn Thompson - CA :Are there any other questions for the AE team?



    Jim Spath :The other question around ideas and the commuity site is how to use tags to only show WAAE topics, for example.  How do I do this?



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim The best way to filter down to just AE is to click on the "Content" tab on the community page and then choose AE  the category list on the left side of the page, which would bring you to this page:



    Jim Spath :This query does not do what I think it should -[idea]&query=WAAE



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim WAAE isn't an acronym I see all that often, so I'm not surprised that's not working well. Different people use different acronyms and unless you're speaking the same acronym language, that's problematic



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim Try my method and see how that works for you.



    Jim Spath :@lenn OK thanks.



    Jim Spath :I am up to 12 pages of AutoSys ideas and counting. Wow.



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim Yes. There are a lot -- which is why it's taking the team a bit of time to go through them. They will though!



    Jim Spath :If only there was an "original posted date" in addition to "latest activity" - it's difficult when you don't recall if you reviewed an idea or not.



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim You can sort that list by "Sort by date created: newest first" That's a drop down just above the listing.



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim -- any other questions about the ideation process or mechanics? Happy to help any way that I can.



    Jim Spath :@lenn yes, though the date created does not show up, so if I last reviewd Ideas in March 2015 I still need to look through them individually I think.



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim Probably a good idea if you want to make sure you don't miss any. I know your'e active in the community, so once you get 'caught up' it should be easier to just see the new ones as they come in.



    Jim Spath :@Lenn thanks - I will follow up on the posted chat.  Back to reality.



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Jim You're quite welcome. See you out there virtually!



    Sumit :Hello



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Sumit Good morning. Do you have a question for our team?



    Sumit :Yes I do have,



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Sumit Great. Go ahead and as them -- they're here watching!



    Sumit :AutoSys account gets deleted after a client copy  golden client do we have provisions to avoid it? We are using AutoSys to schedule sap workflow



    Jim Spath :@sumit which tool do you use for SAP client copy? (we don't have that issue during production to quality copybacks)



    Sumit :It happened with quality only for production we have only golden client



    Mark Hanson (CA) :@Sumit if you suspect this is related to a CA process, I recommend opening a case with support. We will need to have a SME take a closer look.



    Nitin Pandey (CA) :@sumit Can you please send me email with your queries on



    Nitin Pandey (CA) :I will look into it and get back to you



    Lenn Thompson - CA :Thanks for joining us today everyone. See you next time!



    Mark Hanson (CA) :Thanks everyone!

  • 2.  Re: CA Workload Automation Autosys Edition Office Hours Transcript (Jun 11)

    Posted Jun 11, 2015 11:44 AM

    I have 2 screen shots to share:


    1. There is an option to show the stage of an idea.  It does include Duplicate as mentioned.
    2. I do not see an option to sort ideas by date originally posted.  The options available are displayed.




  • 3.  Re: CA Workload Automation Autosys Edition Office Hours Transcript (Jun 11)

    Community Manager
    Posted Jun 11, 2015 11:53 AM

    My apologies webmaster_jim_ -- the "Sort by date create" IS an option for other content types, but not for ideas. That's my mistake -- and I'm not sure why that'd be.


    Will see if I can find anything out.