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  • 1.  High Availability solution for 11.3.6

    Posted Aug 18, 2014 05:50 PM

    We are upgrading our Autosys from R11.0 SP5 to R11.3.6 and have a quick question.

    Dose Autosys support F5 load balance solution for HA on win 2012?

    We are planing to use MS SQL 2012 SP2 as a DB, Dose Autosys support SQL Server DB 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups Feature for DB-HA?

  • 2.  Re: High Availability solution for 11.3.6

    Posted Aug 19, 2014 10:13 AM




    I see that you have opened a ticket with CA support and the engineer in question is conducting some research.


    I will keep an eye on that support issue and make sure any information provided is propagated to this discussion topic.






    John McCarthy

    Senior Support Engineer

    CA Technologies

  • 3.  Re: High Availability solution for 11.3.6

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Oct 03, 2014 02:27 AM

    Hi Ranjeeth,

    my understanding is that AutoSys r11.3.6 does not have direct support for the "AlwaysOn" feature of MS SQL.

    The DB client however will timeout and try the next ip address in the cluster list (in the VNN).  AutoSys is unaware of this.

    I have added to the ideas list enhancements for WAAE and WCC to add the MultiSubnetFailover parameter to the configuration.

    Please vote for it - we get the enhancement.