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  • 1.  Rally + Miro Integration

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 14 days ago
    Edited by Christopher Pola 5 days ago
    Hello Rally Community,

    If you are interested in exploring or experimenting with the Rally + Miro integration released by Miro then please checkout the following links:


    **Call to Action**
    I've also raised an enhancement request for this current Rally + Miro integration to be expanded to include the Rally Portfolio Items. I think there is benefit of having a Miro canvas integrate with Rally Portfolio Items to facilitate Design Thinking activities or Problem Solving/Knowledge/Learning practices.

    If you have interest in this type of enhancement please visit this link and Up Vote the request: https://community.miro.com/wish-list-32/rally-portfolio-item-support-with-rally-integration-6152

    Christopher Pola

  • 2.  RE: Rally + Miro Integration

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 5 days ago
    Hello Rally Community,

    I realized that the Hyperlink to the Rally + Miro integration enhancement request was incorrect.
    I have reposted it here and in the original post too.


    If you would like to see enhancements to use Miro with your Portfolio Items - think Design Thinking/Problem Solving activities when defining Portfolio Items, then please Up Vote this enhancement request.