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Custom List - trying to filter feature release against capability release

  • 1.  Custom List - trying to filter feature release against capability release

    Posted Nov 26, 2021 04:26 AM

    I'm trying to apply a filter to show feature stories whereby the release of the feature story is scheduled after the release of the parent/capability.

    This is the query I tried based on a custom list:

       Type: Feature
       Query:  (Parent.c_CapabilityRelease.ReleaseStartDate < Release.ReleaseStartDate)

    The result of this is:
    Basically all features are listed where the parent/capabily has a release set, but the condition above is not considered.
    I also tried such kind of a filter: (Parent.c_CapabilityRelease.ReleaseStartDate < 2022-10-10)
    Same results.

    Thank you for your insights


  • 2.  RE: Custom List - trying to filter feature release against capability release

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Nov 28, 2021 12:06 PM

    Hi Sebastian,

    I am not certain from your example what your PortfolioItem hierarchy contains - how many levels and what they are named.
    However, in looking at the example you provided, it looks like your second level PortfolioItem level is likely named Capability(?). It also looks like your lowest level PortfolioItem is named 'Feature'. It looks like you are trying to use the value of a custom field (c_CapabilityRelease) on a Capability item to qualify a Feature in/out of the list of items you are interested in. In Rally, only your lowest level PortfolioItem type (Feature, in this case) has a reference to a Rally Release item via its 'Release' field. That referenced Release item would have attributes including 'ReleaseStartDate' and 'ReleaseDate'. But you cannot relate a Rally Release item to a higher level PortfolioItem - only to the lowest level PortfolioItem.

    You can add custom fields to your PortfolioItems, such as c_CapabilityRelease in your example. But those custom fields are not going to be references to some other item type - like a Rally Release. And you wouldn't inherit attributes like 'ReleaseStartDate' related to your custom field. Your custom field could be a String, or a Date, etc. But not a reference to a Rally Release item (which would in turn have attributes such as ReleaseStartDate).

    For your query examples:
    (Parent.c_CapabilityRelease.ReleaseStartDate < Release.ReleaseStartDate)
    **You cannot have an expression after the relational operator in your Query. The second part needs to be a value**
    **Also, a custom field you introduce (assuming that is what c_CapabilityRelease is) can have some discreet value. But it cannot be a reference to some other item type (such as a Rally Release)**

    So, both of these examples below could be valid:
    Type: User Story
    Query: (Feature.Release.ReleaseStartDate <= 2021-01-29)

    Type: Feature
    Query: (Parent.c_JohnsCustomDateField <= 2021-01-29)
    **The Parent here is going to be a 2nd level PortfolioItem. It might be called Initiative or Capability or Epic or ... But it isn't going to have a reference to a Rally Release item and I cannot create that relationship through custom a field, either.**

    John Carroll
    Rally Software/Broadcom