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Fixed Defects from August 2019

  • 1.  Fixed Defects from August 2019

    Posted Sep 04, 2019 11:37 AM
    Edited by John Streeter Sep 04, 2019 11:42 AM
    Here are the defects that were reported by customers, fixed and released in August 2019! Great to see the responsive Rally Software® Dev team hard at work!

    Image result for fixing stuffDE49838 - Parent chooser "Search" functionality is not working to reliably search a number for a number in the name field
    DE50584 - Fields not exposed on FDP/QDP
    DE49136 - Unblocking a task no longer unblocks work item
    DE50237 - Users get red flare or Yeti Betti when viewing the Milestones - Artifacts tab if they have the Actuals column visible
    DE48978 - Advance filters on Work Views showing multiples of values when filtering on State
    DE48254 - Work Products column in Timeboxes page -> Release is inaccurate
    DE48321 - Excel 2016 - Importing a WebLink custom field doesn't work.
    DE49971 - Multi-value Dropdown Fields Displays Only Alphabetically in the Admin Field Editor, but display In the Order Added When Being Used
    DE49073 - Not able to hide Conditions and Validation fields for Test case in FDP/QDP
    DE49730 - Cannot view user details in FDP when viewing their own details as a workspace or sub admin user
    DE50334 - Export of collections exports the entire list of children for the WS or project hierarchy to which the user has access, not just the collection itself

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    John Streeter
    Customer Support Lead | ITSM & Rally Software