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Viewing/Tracking User Activity

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    Posted 29 days ago
    Hi all,

    I have a request from my leadership team that they want to be able to report on user activity in Rally. They do not mean Timesheet or viewing reports of hours on tasks, they want a feature similar to Salesforce, GitHub, or Confluence where they can view the actions a user has performed in the software with the timestamp information, and pull reports of this activity over a period of time.

    Basically, it sounds like they want me to build a query using the API that will scrape Revision History for every instance of a user's display name during a specified time period (probably a 2 week iteration), then produce a report of each of those Revision History line items.

    objective: I want to see John Doe's activity in Rally from I-1-2021:

    John Doe created a new User Story [1/1/21 12:00:00]
    John Doe updated User Story name from [x] to [y] [1/1/21/12:00:01]
    John Doe updated User Story description, etc etc

    Is this something that's:
    1) possible?
    2) someone else has already done/built a Git app for/talked about here/?
    3) if possible: easily repeatable/shareable (as in if we ran the query as a daily automation it wouldn't break our Jenkins infrastructure with the return data size)?
    4) a feature on Rally's roadmap for admins/power users?

    Kindly advise on best strategies and probable options. Thanks!