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  • 1.  Product Announcement - Agile Central On-Premise v2.0

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Mar 13, 2019 03:53 PM

    Hello Everyone, 


    I'm excited to announced that v2.0 Release of Agile Central's On-Premise (ACPC) solution is now available via the CA Download Center (DCC) on CA Support Online. 


    The following new features are available in this release: 

    • New Architecture - The Agile Central On-Premises re-architected system will allow us to deliver a SaaS-like offering to hosted environments through containerized micro-services.
    • Team Board Card Age and Archive
    • Work Views
    • Quality Management
    • Saved and Shared Views
    • Advanced Filters
    • Editing Your Profile
    • Risks
    • Dependencies
    • Third-Party Context
    • Air Gap and Non-Air Gap option  


    Click here to learn more. 


    How do I get it? 

    Log into CA Download Center (DCC) and navigate to Download Management as seen below:   


    Enter the product name CA Agile Central On-Premise. Filter on 2.0 Release and download the preferred method of installation.


    Please note that there are only two actual product downloads, Air Gapped and Non-Air Gapped, choose just one based on your ecosystem, as well as, the Supporting Document.


    If you do not see the products you are looking for, contact customer care

  • 2.  Re: Product Announcement - Agile Central On-Premise v2.0

    Posted Mar 13, 2019 03:57 PM

    Thank you for updating the community with this news Michele!

    Product Announcement - Agile Central On-Premise v2.0