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  • 1.  TimeboxedApp Hello World Problems

    Posted Sep 26, 2017 02:34 PM

    Sigh.  Trying to start with the TimeboxedApp as a starting point, and can't even get "Hello World" to work.


    My App.js is barebones (warning: indentation lost when pasting from Visual Code to here):


    Ext.define('IterationBlockedSummary', {
    extend: 'Rally.app.TimeboxScopedApp',
    name: 'BlockedStoriesSummaryApp',

    componentCls: 'app',
    scopeType: 'iteration',
    onScopeChange: function (timeboxScope) {
    // render/refresh components
    launch: function () {
    var me = this;
    console.log("Launch Function Called.");



    Yet, I get similar constructor problems to those I was having with my last app.


    Console Errors

  • 2.  Re: TimeboxedApp Hello World Problems

    Posted Sep 26, 2017 04:04 PM

    Hi Michael,


    I cannot quite make out the code from the screenshot. Have you tried this example from the AppSDK guide for creating a Timebox Filtering application?


    Agile Central App SDK 2.1 Docs 




  • 3.  Re: TimeboxedApp Hello World Problems
    Best Answer

    Posted Sep 27, 2017 03:26 AM



    I think the issue here is that when you run 'rab' the HTML file is built and the Rally.launchApp function is trying to launch 'BlockedSummaryApp' but your App is defined as 'IterationBlockedSummary'.  If you update the Rally.launchApp function of your code to be Rally.launchApp('IterationBlockedSummary', {...});  With the '...' being whatever is there now, does that solve this issue?


    My guess is you updated the App.js file in your program that was originally named 'BlockeSummaryApp' so your config.json file has the className as 'BlockedSummaryApp'...


    I hope that is it.