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Feedback Request: How can support share new knowledge?

  • 1.  Feedback Request: How can support share new knowledge?

    Posted Aug 14, 2018 05:14 PM

    Sagi_Gabay and I have been keeping track of the CA Agile Central (and Flowdock) support team's contributions to the Knowledge Base -- and it has REALLY ramped up!!  Look at this amazingness!


    Over the last few months, the team has created hundreds of new articles!  Content covers a wide variety of support topics, from how to get started with the python toolkit to why Excel might not be connecting. This content is usually in the issue/cause/resolution format.  If you're not familiar with our Knowledge Base, be sure to check it out:


    Each month, we share all of that new content right here on the community but honestly, most users never see it. I know when I encounter any software (or sometimes hardware) issue, the first thing I do is Google for a solution. If I truly can't find anything online, I'll reluctantly submit a case. 


    CA Support is always glad to help when we're needed. But if someone just wants a quick answer that might already be documented somewhere, we want to be sure to get it in front of you!

    If you're looking for something and can't find anything on it, we want to know about it!

    So here's a few questions for all of our Agile Central users and administrators:

    what's the best way to share this content with you? 


    Maybe more importantly,

    do you find this sort of content relevant? 

    One thing to note is that this content does come up if it matches your subject when submitting a new case online -- but is that good enough?


    How else could users and administrators use this kind of content? 

    Where would you expect to find this content?


    Thanks for your help and feedback!