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  • 1.  How do I keep the user story priority ranking for child stories?

    Posted 05-31-2018 08:26 PM

    Hello! I had read in the Help section that all child user stories created under a ranked parent would receive the same ranking as the parent. However, upon creating multiple child user stories, I have found that only the FIRST one created inherits the ranking. The remaining child stories get dumped to the bottom of the backlog. This is creating an inaccurate priority ranking view... how do I get around this without having to manually re-rank the child stories using drag and drop? 

  • 2.  Re: How do I keep the user story priority ranking for child stories?
    Best Answer

    Posted 06-03-2018 05:54 PM

    Hi jepang,


    I'm not sure of your use case. Where are you creating the child stories? It sounds as though you're using parent stories. Is that right? Or do your child stories have features/portfolio items as their parents? Or both?


    Please be aware that ranking is usually view-dependent. For example, on Create a User Story | CA Agile Central Help , there's this quote: "Page ranking on the user story page does not affect the ranking of user stories on other pages."


    I look forward to hearing more about your challenge.

  • 3.  Re: How do I keep the user story priority ranking for child stories?

    Posted 06-04-2018 01:31 PM

    I am have parent user stories that are each mapped to one feature. I am then creating child user stories within the parent user stories. In this example, let’s say that for my highest-ranked backlog user story, I create 2 children. Before the children were created, I could see this parent user story as the top line item in the “BACKLOG” page. After the children are created, I see that the parent user story line item in BACKLOG has been replaced with the first child user story that I created (which is expected), but THEN I see that the remaining children stories do not get brought up to the top (where the parent originally was). Instead, they get dumped to the very end of the entire project backlog.


    What I worry about is that if I have the Product Owners stack rank user stories that are then broken into many children stories, that the original ranking will get lost in this manner.