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Scheduling (and Hiding?) Defects Attached to Stories

  • 1.  Scheduling (and Hiding?) Defects Attached to Stories

    Posted Aug 22, 2017 10:06 AM

    I've used CA Agile Central/Rally off and on since it first rolled out (in 2001?? I've slept since then), but I've never been anywhere that used Rally for Defect management until now.


    I've already seen the three help pages about defects, managing defects, etc., but I'm still unclear about one important aspect of defects in CA Agile Central.


    Scheduling stand-alone defects is easy because they are in the backlog with their sibling stories.  They can be racked and stacked in priority just like any story and scheduled into a Sprint just like a Story.


    However, when a defect is tethered to a story, it is dragged into a Sprint if the story is added to the Sprint, even if addressing that defect is not feasible in that Sprint.


    Disassociating the defect from the story is not the answer because maintaining the association of the defect to the story is important in many cases.


    When a story has children stories, the children can be scheduled, but the parent story becomes just a container that is never brought into a Sprint.   When defects are attached to a story, it would be consistent / convenient, perhaps, if the same thing would happen, but I think I understand why it was not done that way. 


    Please coach me on best practices regarding the scheduling (and HIDING) of defects that are attached to a story.


    Thanks, in advance for any and all wisdom and shared experience.  


    PS - Pardon the Oxford commas - I'm old.