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  • 1.  Field that tracks when another field is changed

    Posted Jul 20, 2017 07:46 PM

    I've got a makeshift workflow set up for defect tracking, based on a progression of States that we've defined, and defect ownership changing (with notifications sent out), when responsibility changes hands.  One thing I would like to see in my defect list is how long a given defect has been in a particular state, so it's obvious if something is stalling.  I would like a field that either shows the date that the State field last changed, or the number of days that have passed since the State field was last changed.  Is this possible?  Anyone have an idea of how I could do this?

  • 2.  Re: Field that tracks when another field is changed

    Posted Jul 21, 2017 03:35 PM

    Hi Jon Regan,


    There are a couple of apps that, although do not do exactly what you are looking for, I think they might help. Otherwise it would be possible to create such a custom application using our AppSDK and LBAPI. This would require either internal development resources, or we offer a technical services team that can build custom applications of this type at a cost.


    1. The Open Defect Age  will show you your oldest open defects and provides chart that displays mean age of open defects.

    2. The Defect Summary Matrix application provides a count for each state by priority.


    If you would like to pursue a custom application, please log a ticket with support and we can put you in touch with your account representative. 


    -Sean Davis