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Product Announcement - Longer / Managed Session Timeouts

  • 1.  Product Announcement - Longer / Managed Session Timeouts

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted May 04, 2017 02:05 PM

    Exciting news! We have made new changes to session management that will give users the ability to stay logged in longer and manage any open sessions that they no longer want open. Users expressed that they were logging into Agile Central too often and wanted longer sessions so we've responded. Sub admins can now set session timeouts to last up to two weeks. So long as users return to their session before their set timeout, users will be able to keep a session indefinitely without ever having to login! 






    We have also added functionality to close open sessions in a situation where a user may not be in possession of a device that still has an open session. Users can now close all of their open sessions on other devices from the Disable Sessions link located in the profile dropdown. Sub Admins can also look up individual users and disable all of their sessions from the gear in the Users page. After a user disables sessions, it can take up to five minutes to take effect.