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Rally Best practice for teams working across multiple products

  • 1.  Rally Best practice for teams working across multiple products

    Posted 10-18-2016 10:21 AM

    Currently in the organization we have multiple teams working on one product. Going forward we will have two products. Some teams will be working exclusively on one product but other teams will be working on the two products simultaneously. Requirements are as follows:

    • Pull the user stories from the products and assign them to a particular team
    • Work is distinguishable between the two products i.e. report progress/capacity is on a product basis
    • Not having to maintain capacity of a team for each product independently. The capacity should be across the products
    • Separate product backlogs should be maintained and it should be possible for multiple teams to work on both product backlogs
    • Don’t want to use tags because of high admin work
    • Don’t use epics

     Does anyone have any suggestions on how this can be achieved in Rally?

    The following is given as an example in rally (https://help.rallydev.com/rally-portfolio-manager-best-practices) but unsure how this can work for my scenario when in the example below how would team 1 work on product 1 and product 2 and have the ability to meet the requirements above?

    • Org Name (ex: Company X)
      • Strategy Organization (Product Manager group)
        • Product Line 1 (strategy)
          • Product 1 (strategy)
          • Product 2 (strategy)
        • Product 3 (strategy)
        • Product 4 (strategy)
      • Execution Organization (Eng)
        • Team Group 1 (execution)
          • Team 1 (execution)
          • Team 2 (execution)
        • Team Group 2 (execution)
          • Team 3 (execution)
          • Team 4 (execution)