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  • 1.  This might not be the proper place to ask, but...

    Posted Jul 02, 2016 06:11 PM

    This might not be the proper place to ask, but I didn't have another place. I'm following the blog post on customizing a board (https://www.rallydev.com/blog/developer/how-customize-rally-new-app-part-two-custom-boards).


    I was getting a TypeError, and wondered if it was my code. So, I copied the final code from the post and I still get the error.  I'm getting a "TypeError." on line 52 of the sample code. "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'refresh' of undefined (17:55:45:458 | error, javascript)  at App.js:52"


    In case it matters, I'm using NetBeans IDE 8.0.2. Can anybody tell me whether a change in the SDK caused the demo app to no longer be valid? The line is "this.cardBoard.refresh(config);" Intellisense was OK with the part "this.cardBoard.refresh();" but then it fails at run time.


    Thanks in advance.



    (aside: If I could figure out how to register for Rally Blog, I would have asked there, but the "register" link didn't seem to work.)

  • 2.  Re:

    Posted Jul 03, 2016 12:13 PM
    An update... I added a test for "undefined" and wrapped line 52 in it. The update now works without the error. I'm still curious about why the sample code doesn't work without the addition of this line in _onIterationComboboxChanged. Here is how the whole _onIterationComboboxChanged looks now: _onIterationComboboxChanged: function() {         var config = {             storeConfig: {                 filters: [this.iterationCombobox.getQueryFromSelected()]             }         };         if (this.cardBoard !== undefined) {             this.cardBoard.refresh(config);         }     }