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  • 1.  Add project to html report at task level

    Posted Jun 29, 2017 03:00 PM

    Hi all,  I'm using this github report from Rally Tech Services to track time by actuals.  I've altered it a little (not in the version from this url), but I'd like to pull the project from the task itself.  Can anyone help?  GitHub - RallyTechServices/timetracking-by-actuals-change 

  • 2.  Re:  Add project to html report at task level

    Posted Jul 07, 2017 08:01 AM

    Marti, given that this app uses the Lookback API it's not quite as simple as something that uses a WSAPI endpoint, so I'm in the dark. It looks like modifying the fetch argument on line 390 is simple but when you get to the columnCfgs arguments starting at line 934 and some of the later arguments I'm lost.


    I'm not a developer but I've hacked my way through a few simple changes to other apps and when I reach my limit I usually just reach out to CA Technical Services. They're very good about staying in-scope and on-budget and the quality of work is excellent. Wish I had a simple answer for you but hope that helps.