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  • 1.  Bug/Story to Settings Loop

    Posted May 08, 2017 08:48 AM

    This is just a minor bug worth noting. A user found that you can get stuck in a page loop if you edit your settings with a story or bug open. See steps below.


    1. Open a story or bug.
    2. Click the icon to open settings at the top right by your user icon.
    3. Click the back button to go back to the project. (Happens when using back "door" button or back button on browser.)
    4. Land on page with open bug or defect.
    5. Close bug or defect by hitting "Done" in the top-right.
    6. Get routed back to settings page.
    7. Go back to bug or defect and close, get routed back to settings page.


    This can generally be broken by clicking to a new page through the menu at the top of the screen. It happens when the bug/defect page is in either full screen or partial screen.


    Partial screen seems to make it more difficult to exit the loop because you end up with a half screen of the bug/defect, another half screen with the settings, and no easy menu at the top to "cheat" out of the loop.

  • 2.  Re: Bug/Story to Settings Loop

    Posted May 09, 2017 02:03 PM

    Thanks for pointing that out to the community Heather. I've observed similar behavior before but I've always been too lazy to open a support case ;-)