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  • 1.  New Build Connector for Jenkins

    Posted Feb 06, 2017 01:04 PM


    We’re happy to announce the release of our new CA Agile Central Build Connector for Jenkins!

    You can now access this download at CA's download center where you can access all of our connectors. 


    Our help documentation https://help.rallydev.com/ca-agile-central-jenkins-connector will be the source of the most complete information on installation, configuration and capabilities of this connector.


    We developed this connector to start the transition away from our current Jenkins Plugin and to move towards a connector that functions more like our WIC and VCS connectors in our integrations ecosystem. We will continue to support the current Jenkins Plugin while users begin to adopt the Build Connector for Jenkins, but plan to transition away from the Plugin in favor of the Build Connector over time. The feedback we receive on the Build Connector will help guide our transition plan.


    Advantages of using the Agile Central Build Connector for Jenkins versus our Jenkins Plugin:

    • We certify support for Freestyle jobs, Pipeline Jobs, Folders and Views
    • More maintainable because it follows the pattern of our other connectors instead of being a plugin on a specific project
    • The policy-based nature of the build connector helps decrease the administrative work on the part of the customer because you are not tied to a specific configuration
    • Runs in preview mode
    • With the available Time Files, you can choose the point in time from which you want builds to be reflected in Agile Central
    • Is more resilient to network failures with the Time File - if the build wasn’t posted the first time due to network issues, we will try to post again.
    • Has Preview Mode
    • Provides Log Files

    We look forward to users taking advantage of this new connector and if you have feedback, please share it with us! 

  • 2.  Re: New Build Connector for Jenkins

    Posted May 18, 2017 02:26 PM

    What is the plan for having support to update CA Rally objects using jenkins

  • 3.  Re: New Build Connector for Jenkins

    Posted May 25, 2017 12:40 PM

    Hi Ayanbarman,

    We do not have plans at this time to support artifact updates using Jenkins. Currently, the focus of our integration is to show traceability of builds to AC artifacts. Our VCS connectors are designed more along those lines and offer User Story Schedule State update and Defect State update capabilities based on what is found in commit messages. We will be releasing our new VCS connector for GitHub in the near future and it will offer the same artifact state update enhancement that our older version did not provide.


    Thank you!