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  • 1.  I have a custom integration using Ruby 2.2.1, that I'm...

    Posted Jun 26, 2015 03:09 PM
    I have a custom integration using Ruby 2.2.1, that I'm having some issues with.  This custom integration reads in a set of records, each representing the information in a task.  I use the task name for see if the task is already been created.  If it has, I then determine if the record read in is different that the one retrieved from Rally.  If so, I need to not only update the task, but also the parent work product (a user story in this case).  I have the work product name that I use to run another query for the user story.  The problem I'm having is that the work product name contains double quotes (").  When this gets to Rally, rally rejects it with a failure to parse the query string. Since the user story name came from the results of a previous query, why can't I use that on a subsequent query?  Do I need to always escape a query string?  If so, how do I go about this? Thanks, Jon. Belanger

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    Posted Jul 08, 2015 11:54 AM
    @Jonathan Belanger Because the query syntax uses double quotes it gets tripped up with double quotes within the string value. To get around this you should escape any double quotes with a \ in the query such as this. (Name contains "\"") Thanks, David