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  • 1.  Searching Closed Projects

    Posted Nov 23, 2016 11:53 AM

    I was going to post this just in the CA Agile Central Subscription Admins group but I think that it might merit broader attention. I spent a good chunk of this morning reopening Closed projects in search of a stray work item that a user had a legitimate business need to search for. It reminded me of why I no longer close a project (ever!) even though my project hierarchy is big enough to cause performance problems. In short, if you haven't noticed this already then you can't search for items in closed projects!

    I went back to https://ideas.rallydev.com in search of an idea that I remembered voting on a year or two ago, and I decided to do a quick review. There are no fewer than six duplicate ideas with a current total of 126 votes to make closed projects searchable. The most recent one is D4060, so I'd suggest that everyone who cares about this add their votes to that idea. Meanwhile I know that the excellent product owners and managers at CA (like kamwi02) pay attention here so I'd like to suggest that those ideas, all listed in my comment on D4060 be consolidated and given serious consideration for the roadmap. Who's with me?