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Ping Directory Support

  • 1.  Ping Directory Support

    Posted 10-15-2018 10:55 AM



    Want to know if ping directory 7.0.1 is supported with SiteMinder Release 12.6/12.7 to work as policy store and user store ? Customer is at 12.51 release which is EOL. Thought to check if any latest release has added the support for PD.



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    Posted 10-15-2018 11:11 AM



    It is not supported, nor is it in future roadmap.



    SAP Portal Services 


    R12.8 Support Matrix

    SAP Portal Services 

  • 3.  Re: Ping Directory Support

    Posted 10-15-2018 11:19 AM

    Thanks Hubert !

  • 4.  Re: Ping Directory Support

    Posted 10-15-2018 01:11 PM

    Just to clarify the stance from the CA SSO Support and Product Management side:


    - UnboundID/Ping Directory is not supported as a Policy Store by CA SSO. (However Ping does provide configuration steps.)


    -UnboundID/Ping Directory is supported as a User Store. There has been cooperative work performed between CA SSO and Ping to validate using the directory as a user store. At a minimum, we have agreed to provide support under the existing Platform Support Matrix Reasonable Commercial Effort Statement.


    6.4 Reasonable Commercial Effort Statement

    CA Technical Support will make a reasonable commercial effort to troubleshoot and/or resolve customer support requests that involve the use of currently supported versions of CA Single Sign-On on or with “unsupported” platforms as follows: CA Technical Support will accept support incidents (support requests) involving a software platform of a combination of software platforms that is not officially supported per the then-current CA published platform support matrices. CA will troubleshoot the issue up to the point that CA has reason to believe that the problem is related to the use of software that is not specified in a then-current platform supported matrix. At such point, CA shall require that the customer reproduce the problem on a fully supported combination of platforms before CA proceeds in troubleshooting the incident.


    If you have further questions or concerns regarding the level of support you can receive using UnboundID/Ping Directory as a user store, please feel free to open a Support ticket and reference this Community Post.



  • 5.  Re: Ping Directory Support

    Posted 10-15-2018 01:18 PM

    David - Thank You. This is great to know.


    May I know where is this statement listed. I don't see this in R12.8 Support Matrix OR RoadMap ? Section 6.4 seems to be picked from some artifact.

  • 6.  Re: Ping Directory Support

    Posted 10-15-2018 01:32 PM

    Thanks David. This would be much helpful ! 

  • 7.  Re: Ping Directory Support

    Posted 10-15-2018 01:24 PM

    Actually, the Section 6.4 that I pasted is found on the 12.8 Platform Support Matrix on page 14.