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  • 1.  CA Directory management UI Admin password reset

    Posted Jan 17, 2019 01:01 PM

    Hello everyone, hoping this is an easy fix. I have installed a CA Directory Server 14.0 management UI for the first time, tried logging into admin console on  port 3000 but I get login failed. Its possible I am not using correct password. Is there a way to reset this password using dsa commands? Thanks in advance.

  • 2.  Re: CA Directory management UI Admin password reset

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jan 21, 2019 01:56 PM

    As the management UI DSA itself is configured (out of the box) with:

    - Access Control Rules
    - Password Policy Rules
    - No Anonymous access


    Your best (and easiest) bet is to:

    - Review DXHOME/config/servers/hostname-management-ui.dxi file to get familiar with password policy rules.
    - Construct (write down) a clear text password that matches those rules/restrictions for password value.
    - Shutdown this hostname-management-ui DSA and perform an LDIF dump (using dxdumpdb command line tool).
    - Open the resulting LDIF file and replace the 'userPasswrod' value for this account with the new clear text password.



         ** The value in dumped LDIF file will be your current value in encrypted format which you have already forgotten.
         ** The user in question will be listed as "cn=admin,ou=users,o=management-ui".


    - Once you have replace the encrypted password with clear text password, simply reload the LDIF file (using dxloaddb command line tool)

    - During the 'saving' operation of this value, DSA will encrypted the clear text value and store.

    - Start the hostname-management-ui DSA.

    - Login as you would normally do.

    - If it still fails, I suggest:

         * Restart node.js sevice.
         * Start a new browser (or a new tab)
         * Try to login as 'admin' with your new password.