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Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : SiteMinder Error Codes

  • 1.  Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : SiteMinder Error Codes

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Oct 04, 2018 04:20 AM



    This document lists common error codes that are found in the SmAgentAPI.h.
    These error codes are used in webagent responses.




    The current list of availible error codes for the webagent and policy server are defined in the documentation.

    Agent API errors are not documented, but the symbolic meaning of the error code can be gleaned from the SDK SmAgentAPI.h:

    #define SM_AGENTAPI_TIMEOUT -2
    #define SM_AGENTAPI_FAILURE -1
    #define SM_AGENTAPI_YES 1
    #define SM_AGENTAPI_NO 2

    Error 13 is a UNIX error:

    13 EACCES
    Permission denied

    An attempt was made to access a file in a way forbid- den by the protection system.

    Documentation for these errors can be read (on Solaris) by running the command man -s 2 intro.

    The error 18 and error 20 are Admin server errors. The description of the error should display in the pop-up box when the error is encountered. Here is a list of all known Admin
    server errors:

    Error Code Error Message

    Status-0 OK
    Error-1 Server error
    Error-2 Not logged in.
    Error-3 Could not log in.
    Error-4 Error logging out.
    Error-5 Could not create session.
    Error-6 Bad parameters.
    Error-7 Session doesn't exist.
    Error-8 Permission to modify objects in this domain was denied.
    Error-9 No such method.
    Error-10 No such class.
    Error-11 No such object.
    Error-12 No such property.
    Error-13 Improperly formatted list.
    Error-14 Object is already a member of the group.
    Error-15 Class does not support method.
    Error-16 A required property was not supplied.
    Error-17 Property field length is too long.
    Error-18 Property can not be updated.
    Error-19 Property must be unique.
    Error-20 Could not save object in policy store.
    Error-21 Could not update object in policy store.
    Error-22 Could not delete object in policy store.
    Error-23 Could not fetch object from policy store.
    Error-24 Could not fetch object property from policy store.
    Error-25 Could not initialize policy store.
    Error-26 Invalid Object ID.
    Error-27 Policy store search failed.
    Error-28 The requested method has not been implemented.
    Error-29 User directory could not be contacted.
    Error-30 Could not get object from user directory.
    Error-31 A property requiring a number contains a non-numeric value.
    Error-32 Search key is not a searchable property.
    Error-33 A property requiring a time contains an invalid time value.
    Error-34 Permission was denied for the requested operation.
    Error-35 Radius agent was given non-unique IP Address.
    Error-36 Realm must have a unique resource filter for this agent.
    Error-37 Members of this group must share the same agent type.
    Error-38 Realm can not be based on this radius agent, which belongs to another realm.
    Error-39 Could not delete object. There is at least one realm linked to this object.
    Error-40 Could not delete object. There is at least one rule linked to this object.
    Error-41 Could not delete object. There is at least one administrator linked to this object.
    Error-42 Could not delete object. There is at least one certificate mapping linked to this object.
    Error-43 Could not delete object. There is at least one self-registration linked to this object.
    Error-44 Could not delete object. There is at least one user directory linked to this object.
    Error-45 Could not delete object. There is at least one authentication-authorization mapping linked to this object.
    Error-46 Could not delete object. There is at least one password-policy mapping linked to this object.
    Error-47 Invalid Radius Behavior.
    Error-48 Invalid Agent Type Attribute-Value pairs.
    Error-49 Detected an attempt to link two objects in different domains.
    Error-50 Too many items in return list.
    Error-51 User directory object can not be used in policies.
    Error-52 The 'Name' property is not unique.
    Error-53 The 'Name' property matches the name of an existing potential member of this group.
    Error-54 The 'Name' property matches an existing group name.
    Error-55 This administrative account currently has no assigned privileges.
    Error-56 Could not create object. The number of objects of this type has reached the maximum allowed.
    Error-57 Could not save object. Property contains invalid characters.
    Error-58 Could not delete agent type. This Agent Type can not be deleted.
    Error-59 Invalid cursor ID.
    Error-60 User directory error.
    Error-61 Could not link Rule to Realm. This realm is associated with a different Agent Type.
    Error-62 Could not delete scheme. This scheme can not be deleted.
    Error-63 Could not obtain supported directory types.
    Error-64 Host not found.
    Error-65 DNS is not available.
    Error-66 The authentication to authorization mapping is not unique
    Error-67 The schemetype for a basic scheme cannot be changed.
    Error-68 User directory object is not valid for this operation. Only individual users can be specified.
    Error-69 User directory is not configured to support user disablement.
    Error-70 User directory is not configured to support password changes.
    Error-71 Could not change user password.
    Error-72 Attribute Mismatch. No Mapping Allowed.
    Error-73 NameSpace Mismatch. No Mapping Allowed.
    Error-74 Illegal Realm update operation.
    Error-75 User Directory is not configured to setup password policies.
    Error-76 Invalid password syntax.
    Error-77 Invalid password.
    Error-78 Could not delete object. There is at least one device and/or device group linked to this object.
    Error-79 Improper configuration of Password policy.


    Additional Information:


    This has been incorporated into the documentation. Please visit for your version for updated information


    KB : KB000055096