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  • 1.  SiteMinder WebAgent on Jetty?

    Posted Jun 15, 2017 04:12 PM

    Can I run WebAgent on a Jetty server?


    We have an app that needs to use SiteMinder (WebAgent...I think) to authenticate users.  Another entity within our company already has a SiteMinder PolicyServer set up.


    So my question is, can I run a WebAgent on Jetty (where our website lives) that authenticates to the PolicyServer that is owned by our parent entity?  


    Sorry for the newbie question as this is my first time investigating CA SiteMinder.

  • 2.  Re: SiteMinder WebAgent on Jetty?
    Best Answer

    Posted Jun 15, 2017 09:41 PM

    Hi Ashley,

    CA SSO does NOT have web agent for Jetty server. It's not a supported web server.


    You may consider using CA Access Gateway however. This can be used as a reverse proxy solution and can be placed in front of the Jetty server to ensure that the users are authenticated properly before granting the access.


    More about this architecture here : Implementing CA Access Gateway - CA Single Sign-On - 12.52 SP2 - CA Technologies Documentation