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  • 1.  ASA (TAI) Support for WebSphere 9

    Posted Jan 24, 2018 06:11 PM



    I'm not finding a 'validated' ASA for WAS 9 on RHEL -- is this correct?  If I recall, WebSphere 9 was released back in 2016.  We are currently using R12.52 SP2.


    At one time I was told that since the TAI is pure Java and it's functionality is very trivial, we should be able to use an older/current version of the ASA as this hasn't changed much. 


    Is this statement still true?  I don't like that we'd not be running a validated ASA, but we have critical applications that are looking to move to WebSphere 9 today. 


    Any insights/wisdom would be appreciated.


    Thanks!  Jim

  • 2.  Re: ASA (TAI) Support for WebSphere 9
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    Posted Jan 24, 2018 07:11 PM

    Hi Jim,


    • The latest version of ASA is 12.0 SP2.
    • ASA 12.0 SP2 is NOT certified for WebSphere 9.0 on RHEL.
    • ASA 12.0 SP2 IS certified for WebSphere 9.0 on Windows 2012R2
    • PSM 12.0SSP2 ASA 


    I just created an enhancement request to certifiy Websphere 9.0 on RHEL 6/7 also :

    Certify Websphere 9.x 64-bit ASA on RHEL 6 & RHEL 7 

    Please do vote. If this is urgent please engage your account team to help prioritize this request.


    Let me know if any questions.