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  • 1.  Stats output in CA SiteMinder single sing on

    Posted Jul 31, 2017 03:33 PM

    Hi All,


    We have upgraded our CA SiteMinder policy server  from R12.52 SP1 CR02 to R12.52 SP1 CR06. We understood from CA that there are changes in the output of stats command, but its not giving the result in correct way. 

    >>Command used to generate the stats : smpolicysrv -stats

    we are receiving the output as below: 

    Server 'Stats' command received
    System Statistics
    Thread pool limit: 36
    Thread pool: Msgs=41036 Waits=13.285 Misses=115.180 Max HP Msg=23.422 Max NP Msg=3 Current Depth=37 Max Depth=0 Current High Depth=37 Current Norm Depth=0 Current Threads=0 Max Threads=36 Busy Threads=36 (0)
    Connections: Current=838 Max=888 Limit=8192 Exceeded limit=0


    The expected results for CR06:

    System Statistics
    Thread pool limit: 8
    Thread pool: Msgs=0 Throughput=0.000/sec Response Time=0.000ms Wait Time In Queue=0.000ms Max HP Msg=0 Max NP Msg=0 Current Depth=0 Max Depth=0 Current High Depth=0 Current Norm Depth=0 Current Threads=0 Max Threads=0 Busy Threads=0
    Connections: Current=0 Max=0 Limit=256 Exceeded limit=0


    If you see the new way to give output in CR06 is not something which we are getting in our environment. 

    If any one has came across such scenarios? or any idea which binaries/lib the policy server checks to print the stats messages?


    Thank you in Advance !




  • 2.  Re: Stats output in CA SiteMinder single sing on
    Best Answer

    Posted Jul 31, 2017 09:59 PM

    Hi Vikash,


    Looking at the source code.

    This change in the stats output was actually implemented from CR5 onwards.

    What you are getting is the stats output format from CR4 or earlier build.


    There are basically two file that determines this change in the stats output:

    • located at C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\siteminder\resources
    • smutilities.dll located C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\siteminder\bin


    In file look for following , it should have following :

    sm-Server-02030 = Thread pool: Msgs={0} Throughput={1}/sec Response Time={2}ms Wait Time In Queue={3}ms Max HP Msg={4} Max NP Msg={5} Current Depth={6} Max Depth={7} Current High Depth={8} Current Norm Depth={9} Current Threads={10} Max Threads={11} Busy Threads={12}
    sm-Server-02040 = Connections: Current={0} Max={1} Limit={2} Exceeded limit={3}


    As for smutilies.dll you can right click--> properties--> details tab and check for File Version:



    Let me know if any questions.



    Ujwol Shrestha

  • 3.  Re: Stats output in CA SiteMinder single sing on

    Posted Aug 03, 2017 11:32 AM

    Thank you Ujwol for your reply. I will cross verify those files and ll let you know . Thanks again !




  • 4.  Re: Stats output in CA SiteMinder single sing on

    Posted Aug 03, 2017 12:35 PM

    Hi Ujwol,


    I cross verified the properties file and could see files was not upgrade with CR06 upgrade (not sure what would be the reason). But I got working properties file and replaced the same, now I can see the correct stats messages in my logs.


    Thank you very much for your help !!