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  • 1.  Problem with cookie Domain 

    Posted Mar 08, 2017 11:15 AM

    Hello everyone ,

    I have a problem with my SSO for some reason we nedd to pass from domain scop 2 to a domain Scop 3

    for exemple now we have cookies like we want to have !Using SAML between my SSo and the App

    My question is is there a way so my webSSO will generate a cookie domain of 3 scop level ?

    In an Agent Mode I know that this is done by changing the configuration in the ACO.
    But i would like to do something so my SSo gives in general a domain scoop of 3

    Thabk you for your help

  • 2.  Re: Problem with cookie Domain 
    Best Answer

    Posted Mar 08, 2017 11:36 AM

    Are you referring to Policy server by "SSO" here?

    Please understand, Cookies are created by agent NOT policy server.

    Now,on the agent side if you want to create 3 scope cookie domain, you will have to do following:


    • Comment out the CookieDomain parameter or set it to blank
    • Specify CookieDomainScope = 3

  • 3.  Re: Problem with cookie Domain