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Using Siteminder with an Azure Webapp

  • 1.  Using Siteminder with an Azure Webapp

    Posted Nov 05, 2015 05:11 PM

    We have customers coming through a Salesforce portal that uses Siteminder on-prem with an old Active Directory domain to manage the users.    A number of our business groups want to start moving their services and app to Azure.


    Microsoft is pushing Azure AD... which is fine for employees as we're also 365 and all our identities are there via FIM/ADFS etc.


    But customers are not. 


    The business wants a SSO experience for the customers so when they hit the salesforce portal they aren't asked to sign in again when they hit their Azure web app.


    Azure web apps appear to rely heavily on Azure Active Directory, but you can also use services like Google with some code in Visual Studio.


    My question is, how do we get a web app in Azure to use Siteminder? 


    Note: you probably can tell I'm not an identity guy, I'm a cloud architect with more knowledge of Azure than identity solutions.